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  • The feeling of belonging…walking into the CBC boatyard and being greeted by name, by smiling crew-mates. Joining in to move the canoes to the water. Entering the canoe, settling into your seat, getting ready to take your first stroke. Looking around the beautiful Bellingham Bay, enjoying close views of birds and sea animals.


  • Knowledgeable patient coaches offer tips on how to keep strokes synchronized to most efficiently move the canoe smoothly through the water. 

  • It’s a fun way to achieve your fitness, health, and wellness goals. As you paddle, you’re fully engaged, mentally and physically. Working almost every part of your body, increasing your bone density, and burning calories.

  • Then there’s the adrenaline-rush of being part of the competitive crew - or - the occasional canoe race during rec practice. 

  • Being part of a diverse, multi-aged group, giving your time as a volunteer to help make it all come together.

  • And, most important, an opportunity for Hawaiians living in Whatcom County to share their voyaging traditions and non-Hawaiians to experience and learn the Polynesian outrigger cultural values and language. 

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