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We can help with TeamSnap!


TeamSnap Overview

TeamSnap is one of the most popular team management software applications.  It is used for sports leagues from soccer to baseball and yes, outrigger clubs.

BBOP uses TeamSnap to register members, collect membership payments, organize practice scheduling and internal race sign ups, and for internal communications.

Annual registration is completed when members go online and fill out contact information and other general information BBOP needs, such as swimming ability, age (used for race categories) and paddling experience.  We also have you sign liability waivers online for our insurance.  Payments can be made online, or by check.

All practice scheduling is done on TeamSnap.  This is why registration must be done online!  Members that do not register online will not be able to sign up for practice. Practice schedules are organized by crew - Recreational (Rec), Competitive, and Keiki (youth).   All adults are welcome and encouraged to help out with our Keiki crew!   


You must be registered and fully paid on TeamSnap before you can see the practice schedule.

Most paid members (not guests) will automatically see the Competitive and Rec crew schedules when they register.  Competitive and Rec crews are combined on TeamSnap scheduling in a team called "Rec&Racing" (formerly "BBOP Club").  New paddlers (guests) will only see Demo Day schedules when they register.

Keiki:  Members that have selected keiki fee types will automatically be added to the Keiki team and will see Keiki practice schedules after registering.  Adults who wish to paddle with keiki crew please let us know if you need to be added to keiki team.


Guests:  Guest members (trying out the club free) are assigned to a separate team on TeamSnap.  You will only see the Demo Day practices. Please follow the instructions below to sign up for the Demo Day event.  Once you have completed Demo Day we will make the rec practice schedules available to you.  Contact if you need help or other arrangements.


  1. Login to TeamSnap here >.  You will land on your Dashboard page.  Bookmark it!

  2. Scroll down to My Teams, select your name in blue.  

  3. Select the Availability menu on your team page.

  4. Your name will be at the top of the list , with practice dates across the top.

  5. Select "Going" under the box for the practice date you want.  If you make a mistake select "Clear" instead.  Use the pencil icon to add comments. Use the question mark icon "?" to indicate "Maybe".  A Maybe does not sign you up for practice, so please Clear, or change to No or Going within 2 hours of practice start.

Sign up for practices all week or all season.  Download the app for easier practice sign up and other features!


Practice Sign Up

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