Want to Race w/ BBOP? Here’s how!


Step 1: Sign-up!

Pick the races you would like to participate in and sign up via the Doodle links. Don’t worry how many people have or have not already signed up, we’ll sort through that later.


Step 2: Meet the Minimum Requirements to Race


  • Have a positive attitude - this is our #1 priority!

  • Be coachable - listen to others, help others out, be mentally and physically flexible

  • Be fit - you must be physically able to propel the canoe forward for the entire race

  • Be a team player - participate in BBOP OC6 practices


Step 3: Understand How the Coaches Choose Who Races

When it comes to setting lineups, BBOP coaches approach races in different ways depending on the type of race. We always have the goal of racing hard and doing well on race day, but in some races we prioritize canoe hull speed while in others we will prioritize club participation. In general we have two different categories:  

Sprints and Most Long Distance Races:

For these races our goal is to get everyone into a canoe. Selection criteria for these races includes fitness, seat position, and attendance at practice. Lineups may also depend on age or experience, as we may prioritize divisions such as masters, senior masters or novice.

Priority Distance Races:

Each year we will have a few long distance races for which we will prioritize canoe hull speed. As usual, attitude, attendance and fitness will be important, but for these races, which may include Da Grind, or the BBOP race, participation will be determined by our strongest chance of winning or placing well in a specific division. That being said, it is always our goal to have maximum participation, and have multiple canoes for each race.

Two Priority Races have special attention this year:

The Gorge

Due to the sometimes epic wind conditions at the Gorge, speed, seat position and experience in rough water will play an even greater role in determining line-ups.

Bellingham Bay Classic

Final Notes

In all cases, choosing race participants and lineups come down to subjective coach's decisions. As coaches, we can not guarantee we will always make the “right” decisions, however it is our goal to always communicate throughout the entire process. Always feel free to reach out and ask questions to any coach.  If you have any concerns please contact the head coach Domi.    888-222-8444; mrpotatoheadman@gmail.com.


Thank you!