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The more you can try out the better - but just having a boat to get started with and on the water is worth plenty.  the resale market is pretty good around here if and when you want to upgrade.



Ozone Northwest –Waterwalker jd dAVIES CAN ADVISE YOU AND KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR USED ONES ON SALE. oFFICE-509-427-2727; CELL 541-400-0187 jd@nwoutrigger.com

Dan Hund - repairs OCs, surfskis, etc. - knows about local used OCs for sale and sometimes sells used OCs that he has repaired.  360 441 9331; dhund2015@outlook.com

Used for Sale - gathers listings from other websites from all over the US. listed here just in case you know someone who can help you where one is being sold, or you are planning a trip to the area where one happens to be selling.

Huki New and Used - you will have to pay for shipping too…

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