BBOP race calendar

WhatcomPaddlers email group.

  • Press the “apply for membership” button.-This group email feed will include reminders about local races as well as news about the Padden intervals and Whatcom races (see below)

Monday Night Intervals Lake Padden (usually starts in Spring and continues into early Fall)

Lake Whatcom Wednesday Night Races (similar season to Padden Intervals - 3.5 mile race that runs close to the full duration of Daylight savings season Spring to Fall)

Hot Five Race Series - 5 consecutive fun races once a week in later Summer. Organized by local surfskier Kevin Olney. These are announced on the Whatcompaddlers email group. The emphasis typically is on variety and fun. Past races have required and/or awarded extra points for swimming, remounts, capturing the Shark float, paddling a specific vessel (SUP, OC, Surfski, Multiperson, etc.). There hasn’t been a lot of representation from OCs in the past. Points are cumulative for the series with some pretty decent swag being awarded at the end. You get to throw one race out from your point total.