Safety Meeting: Feb 26th Video Link

Race course description and potential hazards; buoys/markers (12 min video)


  • All state, county, and local COVID-19 guidelines, orders, and rules must be followed. You will be asked to leave the area if you choose not to comply with any of the safety guidelines, in which case you will not receive a refund of your registration fee.

  • Paddlers must be registered for the race in order to be on the racecourse. Registration information may be provided to the local health department for contact tracing only if necessary.

  • No spectators are allowed.

  • Stay home when sick or if you've had close contact with someone with COVID-19 or awaiting results of a COVID-19 test prompted by symptoms or known exposure.

  • Bring your own water/food.

  • Sanitize your hands before entering the staging area. Bring sanitizer with you and do not share any equipment that has not been sanitized.

  • Wear a mask on land and only remove it, if desired, while on water.

  • To limit the size of gatherings and ensure required physical distancing, do not arrive more than 30min before your assigned start time.  Do not congregate on land before or after the race.

  • Paddlers must be registered for the race in order to be on the race course.

  • Paddlers are required to wear a leash, PFD, and have a whistle on their boat.

  • NO DRAFTING - a staggered start will help maintain 30 ft distance between boats, fore and aft. This is based on research that slipstreams increase airborne exposure to COVID.

  • A minimum 6 ft distance side to side will be maintained, including during the start.