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Practice Site

Community Boating Center

555 Harris Ave

Bellingham, WA 98225

Visitors:  please email


Blanche Bybee, President 

Regan Levinson, Vice President

Janice Lapsansky, Secretary

Sacha Bliese, Treasurer

Gavin McWilliams, Communications Dir

Kelly Abbott, Head Coach

Blanche Bybee, Rec Coach

Jill Komoto, Keiki Coach

Chris Ohana, Asst Coach, Competitive Crew

Kim Reeves, Asst Coach, Competitive Crew

Gavin McWilliams, Asst Coach, Competitive Crew

Andy Snow, Asst Coach, Rec Crew and Keiki Crew

Barb Craig, Asst Coach, Rec Crew

Mimi Swetish, Asst Coach, Keiki Crew

Erin Lapsansky, BBOP Fundraising Coordinator

Dawn Anderson, Membership Coordinator

Jessamyn Tuttle, TeamSnap Coordinator

Ernie MacQuarrie, Equipment Coordinator

Barb Craig, Safety Coordinator

Terry Kaemingk, New Paddler Coordinator

Lane Anliker, Race Coordinator

Denise Dierich, Race Coordinator

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