Laulima in the Hawaiian language means many hands working together.  When many hand are on deck to carry the canoe the load is lighter.   The operations and functions of the club will be easier when everyone pitches in.  Please sign up to help with club functions. 

you will have access to:

  • practices in Bellingham and races around the PNW

  • experienced coaches

  • All equipment needed for outrigger canoeing: canoes, paddles and safety equipment (PFD)

  • club events and volunteer opportunities

  • Fun group of people to paddle with!

*New Paddlers-you are welcome to try three practices before paying membership dues.  However we do need the contact and waiver forms by your first practice, contact our membership coordinator.

If you are brand new to outrigger paddling you are required to attend one demo day before joining regular practices.

The club uses to register, communicate, and sign up for practices.

Membership Dues

  • $200 Individual (Adult 18+)

  • $275 Family

  • $50 Junior (12 ~ 17)

  • $20 Kids (under 12)

  • $20 Parent/Guardian only paddling during youth practices

  • $50 Visitor (live 50+ miles away, max 2 practices /month

  • $50 OC-2 Membership

Effective August 1, dues are prorated for the remainder of the year:

  • $100 Individual (Adult 18+)

  • $200 Family

  • $30 Junior (12 ~ 17)

  • $10 Kids (under 12)

  • $30 Visitor (live 50+ miles away, max 2 practices / month)

  New Paddlers may practice 3 times before paying dues.

What To Wear

Dress in layers - Bellingham is beautiful and unpredictable; If you run, bike do yoga/Pilates class wear the tights, capris or shorts you wear for those activities. Avoid cotton. Wear moisture wicking type materials. Bring a billed hat for sun/rain protection, a towel, and if appropriate a light rain jacket. Wear neoprene booties, water shoes, or old sneakers you don’t mind getting soaked. Wear wool socks for extra warmth.  If you want gloves, bike gloves work pretty well. Its a good idea to have a change of clothes in your car for the ride home.

Equipment & Gear

BBOP provides the outrigger canoes, paddles and basic life jackets of varying sizes.  There is no equipment to buy to get into the sport with our club! Over time, it's advantageous to start buying your own gear, but not required!